I have made my home in three countries on three different continents. I now live in London, the city of my heart, which I hope is my final home.

Besides writing, my other passions include reading, travelling, and cultural pursuits – which are never in short supply in London.

Why do I write?

I’ll admit, I’ve had easier jobs. If you want to make money, trust me, there are way easier things you can do. If you want to be famous, or feel successful, or show off your achievements…again, there are much easier ways to accomplish all of those things than to be a writer.

I write because I can’t not write. It’s not what I do. It’s who I am. I may not always write the things I want to write or the things I should write, but in one form or another, I am always writing. Words are how I make sense of the world. Words are how I make sense of my self. To paraphrase something I once wrote for a guest post:

Writing is something that brings out my wildest imagination and my most rational thoughts; it brings out my dreams and my nightmares; it brings out who I wish I was and who I never want to be. Words can create and destroy worlds…so when I can do a job as powerful and as amazing as this, why would I possibly not want to do it?

So why I write? Because I’m a writer. It’s that simple.

Misc. Info:

  • An unashamed coffee addict
  • Quite obsessed with personal development
  • Whether or not horoscopes are true, I’m pretty much a Taurus (about 99%)
  • Totally happy that a very scientific Facebook quiz told me the Disney Princess I resembled most was Mulan